Teen pees in Portland water supply, city forced to drain 38M gallons

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PORTLAND, OR – You’re in for quite a story from Portland. Don’t worry, we won’t waste your time, it’ll will go by in a whizz.

A 19-year-old in Portland, Oregon isn’t in the tank, but got a citation for relieving himself in the city’s drinking water supply.

Surveillance video shows three people at a park about 1 o’clock in the morning when one of them hopped over the fence to the reservoir. That’s where he let the stream go forth. The reservoir was disconnected from service to be tested for contamination.

Now the city now has to drain about 38 million gallons of the water. No word of how much it’ll cost to replace that much water; but it’s just flushing money down the drain.

Police gave the teenager a ticket for trespassing and public urination.

We all know the saying — if ya gotta go, ya gotta go; but dude, you’re in a public park. There are public restrooms!