Missing Magnolia teen reunited with family

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HOUSTON, TXA Houston-area kidnapping ends with good news, the family is reunited with their daughter. But the case of the missing Magnolia, Texas girl, who was allegedly abducted by an acquaintance of the family, raises new awareness about dangers some children might face from adults within their own social circles.

Kids are taught at a young age all about stranger danger, but with the case of 14-year-old Elizabeth Rex (who suffered from some mental issues) her abductor was not a stranger at all. In fact the accused kidnapper, 51-year-old Randy Johnson, previously lived with Elizabeth and her family in their home. The family became suspicious of Johnson, when he befriended their teen. This alleged relationship between the 51-year-old and Elizabeth is what many behaviorist want to warn kids about. The main thing the experts say when it comes to this “not-so-stranger danger” is that parents have to keep and maintain open communication with their children.

A happy reunion for the Rex family after law enforcement tracked down Elizabeth who was with Johnson, some 360 miles away in Harlingen, Texas. A lesson to remember, in watching the warnings signs to spot a child predator.