NC teacher sent nude pics, video to students

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CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC – Looks like this science teacher took her anatomy lesson way too literally.

Maybe Caron Blanton was trying to compete with the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian by entering the sex tape hall of fame, only this North Carolina middle school teacher was playing to a much younger audience.

Cops say a video of Blanton performing lewd acts popped up on a student’s cell along with some dirty pics.

This lewd lady resigned and turned herself in.

“Let me emphasize that this investigation is still ongoing and we plead to the public if they have any information that would be beneficial again to law enforcement, I know I’m repeating myself, but to feel free to call the sheriff’s office,” said Cleveland County Sheriff Alan Norman.

At least the sheriff has plenty of evidence, leaving very little to the imagination.

Think she’s learned her lesson? Yep, looks like she’ll have a long time to revise her less-than-classy lesson plan.