Revised SAT test will be easier

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HOUSTON, TX –  Today’s the day. Thousands of high school students across Houston scratched and sweated their way through the dreaded SAT test hoping for a shot at their favorite college. And apparently, they’re doing it the hard way.

The College Board, who administers the sat, has announced its revising the 88-year-old test in order to make it more “straightforward.”

In other words, easier.

Instead defining words like “obsequious” or “propinquity,” the new SAT will ask students if they know what “intense” means or whether they can tell which number in a table chart is the biggest.

We asked students at the University of Houston what they thought of the new SAT.

“Is this for real?” graduate student Billy Hardee snorted when we showed him sample questions from the test. “I mean, this has got to be a little bit over-the-top-easy.”

“I don’t think they should make things easier,” Teresa Wagner said. “I think we should work on making sure that everybody, no matter what school district they are, can perform well on the SAT.”

Some critics say the newer, easier test is designed to compete with the ACT, which more and more students are opting to take in liew of the SAT. And while the College Board says the revisions aren’t final yet, the new test is set to roll out in 2016. Perhaps giving today’s high school freshman one more thing to breath a little easier about.