Texas A&M student dies after contracting mono

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HOUSTON, TX – Sometimes in life the most devastating things may occur. A young woman’s life was cut short after contracting mono, a virus not known to kill.

19-year-old Friendswood native Christy Crow attended Texas A&M University. After felling sick, she was diagnosed at a College Station clinic with mononucleosis (commonly referred as the kissing disease).

According to reports, Christy’s condition was deteriorating and was taken to UTMB hospital in Galveston with swollen eyes and tonsils, dramatic dips and spikes in temperature, and extreme difficulty breathing. That’s where, sometime in the night, Christy drew her final breath.

It’s a horrible situation and Christy’s cause of death is still unknown.

Remember, doctors say mono is not a usual suspect, but still you want to avoid it. It can be contracted by a cough, a sneeze, sharing glass containers or even food utensils. The best way to avoid it is the old fashioned way; keep you hands clean, don’t share drinking and eating containers or utensils, and watch where you cough. Try coughing into the crook of your forearm and elbow in stead of your hands.

Only time will tell if mono alone was the cause of Christy’s death. And time is one thing this young lady, tragically, no longer possesses.