Ukraine tightens border with Russia as violence breaks out

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MARIUPOL, UKRAINE – As leaders talk it over in Geneva, soldiers duke it out in Ukraine.

Pro-Russian forces have seized swaths of the eastern European country, and some of it has been violent. On Thursday, 3 people died and dozens were hurt in an attack on the Ukrainian military.

All the while, there are increased rumblings for another referendum.

Donetsk may follow in Crimea’s footsteps, and basically let residents pick whether they would rather be part of Russia or Ukraine, even though that move was deemed illegal by Kiev and the West.

For their part, Kiev’s new leaders are trying to get in control.  They are now buttoning-up the eastern border, and not letting any Russian men between 16 and 60 into the country, except under special circumstances.

It’s being called the worst east-west crisis since the end of the cold war. And it doesn’t look like anything is going to warm up soon.