Edward Snowden asks Vladimir Putin question on Russian TV

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA – These days, we all have a lot of questions for Russian president Vladimir Putin, “Did you rig that vote in Crimea? What are your intentions with Ukraine? Do you always ride horses shirtless or was that a one-time thing?”

But if you’re Edward Snowden, you actually get the opportunity to talk to the man himself.

The NSA leaker called into a live broadcast Thursday to get Putin’s thoughts on an issue close to Snowden’s heart, Government surveillance

“Does Russia intercept, store, or analyze in any way the communications of millions of individuals?” Snowden asked.

Naturally Putin’s response was to deny, deny, deny.

“We do not allow ourselves to do this and we will never allow this,” Putin said. “We do not have the money or the means to do that.”

Right. Does anyone believe a country’s leader would actually admit on national TV to spying on his people?

But the more pressing question goes to Snowden – what is Putin offering you for your role in this PR stunt?

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