Finland to release homo-erotic postage stamps

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HELSINKI, FINLAND – Before there was email, there was good old snail mail, a letter inside of an envelope.

But to get anywhere, the letter had to have a stamp, and yeah, they used to cost a penny. Can you believe it?

Our stamps are pretty bland compared to other countries, although, lately we’ve stepped out to include comics, and a couple of kings.

Later on in the year, the United States Postal Service will issue a Harvey Milk stamp, Milk being the slain San Francisco gay rights activist.

But Finland topped Uncle Sam in the gay stamp competition by releasing these stamps commemorating Tom of Finland.

Unless you’re into muscularly endowed and lusty young men in various stages of dress and undress, you may not be familiar with his work.

Tom died in 1991, but not before producing more than 3,500 drawings similar to these, which are about the only ones we can show.

The Tom of Finland stamp won’t come out, so to speak, until September, and there’s no word on whether you lick it, or just stick it.

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