Joe Biden post first Instagram selfie with President Obama

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OAKDALE, PA – Everyone loves a good ‘selfie’ every now and then; even President Obama and Vice President Biden find time to pose for the camera. Of course when they’re not busy running the country or doing other important stuff.

Yesterday, Biden uploaded his first selfie to Instagram with none other than the POTUS himself. To no one’s surprise, the picture was a hit, getting more than 28,000 likes.

But wait a second, we thought the White House had a selfie-meltdown when Red Sox slugger David Ortiz snapped a photo with the president on his phone; allegedly as a promotional stunt for Samsung.

As a result, White House officials threatened to stop the public from taking selfies with Obama. But apparently not public servants.

Looks like the selfie trend at the White House is out of the dog house, for now.

By the way, welcome to Instagram veep Biden!

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