Louisiana may make the Bible the official state book

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BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana has lots of official stuff. Like the brown pelican. After all, Louisiana is the pelican state.

The magnolia (the flower, not the tree) is the state flower.

The gator is the state reptile. And the diatronic accordion is the state musical instrument.

Pretty soon, the Bible may be the state book.

The bill’s sponsor says it’s not about establishing an official religion, just an official book that just happens to be religious.

But not just any Bible will do. It would have to be the King James Version.

But before you go off on our neighbors, consider that Christian saints already play a big role in the state, with Saint John the Baptist Parish and Saint Mary Parish.

Of course, if you have saints, you gotta have sinners, and some state lawmakers think they know where to find them, but they don’t know what to do with them.

The Louisiana House of Representatives proved it hasn’t gone soft on sodomy by voting overwhelmingly to keep oral and anal sex between straights or gays illegal, even though the US Supreme Court said such laws are unconstitutional.

We guess it’s a safe bet that sodomy won’t be the official state anything any time soon.

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