Morton Ranch High School student taking Class Act to West Point

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KATY, TX – “I can hit people or get hit and I opted to hit people instead of getting hit.”

That was the smart move made by Vaughn Johnson early in his football career. This week’s Class Act of the Week decided to play defense and be the guy imposing his will on opponents.

Morton Ranch High School head football coach Dave Meadows says,  “We use the expression first to fight, but that doesn’t mean a fist fight. That means line up to play and he’s one of the first ones ready to go.”

Morton Ranch High School head baseball coach Jim Janczak adds,  “He’s a quiet leader. He’s not a big rah-rah type of guy , but he does lead by example. When he does need to say something , he’ll let his voice and opinion be known and people respond and rally around to it.”

Johnson’s leadership skills are pretty impressive since he was one of the team captains for this year’s Maverick’s football squad, and he is bringing those same qualities to the diamond, as well. There, he is an outfielder and pitcher for the purple and white.

Johnson is not only to show his prowess on the athletic fields, but he takes the rigorous effort to the classroom. There, he has taken several advanced courses and sports a 4.3 GPA.

This National Honor Society member had eyes for one school and that was at West Point.

Johnson says, “I was looking at A&M, Baylor, Rice and those kinds of schools but I was pretty much set on going to West Point My mom had to twist my arm pretty good to make me apply to other schools.”

In January, Johnson was accepted to his dream institution.

Janczak says, “When I first heard of that, I thought what an outstanding opportunity. He’ll accept the challenge and he’ll succeed. I wish Vaughn all the best for when he goes up there.”

Meadows adds, “The academies are all about building leaders and I see him, again, being the epitome of being a leader. To be a good leader you have to be a good follower. You got to know when shut up and produce and when to take others along with you.That describes Vaughn to a tee.”

Johnson says, “I would really like to be commanding and leading people into making them better and doing great things.”

Johnson’s already getting the best out of himself, so if he’s able to bring the best out of others as well, then that’s an added bonus.

Hey do you know of a Class Act at your school, then let us know about it

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