Two words to describe this story: horse yoga

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SAN LUIS, ARGENTINA – Back in the day, Roy and Trigger did more than ride the range together.

Sometimes horse work is no play, as any horse will tell you.

People into yoga sometimes do the horse pose to strengthen mind and body.

But if people can do yoga, why not horses? Why not, indeed.

Folks at Doma India in Argentina have been using yoga for fifty years to help heal abused or nervous horses.

Don’t be a “neigh” sayer. This video is starting to go viral.

Their website says they earn the trust and loyalty of the horses through a holistic approach that avoids fear and pain.

Apparently some horses don’t mind when a guy does a headstand on their chests.

Using the age-old practice of yoga may have its benefits for horses and horse people, but just a word of advice: Don’t try this at home. The neighbors might get the wrong idea.

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