Woman’s rape prank on new homeowner goes horribly wrong

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Whatever happened to being neighborly?

Kathy Rowe didn’t play nice after she found her family wouldn’t be moving into their dream home in San Diego.

Instead of looking for a new house, she took to pranking the new homeowners.

She started by listing the couple’s home for sale, stopping their mail and sending missionaries to their door. But she didn’t stop there, she sent Valentine’s from the husband to married women and invited high school students for a blow-out party at the home.

But her prank turned criminal when she posted the wife’s photo on x-rated sites, asking men to carry out her rape fantasy by breaking down the door and having sex even if she screamed no.

And big surprise, some creeps showed up!

Well Rowe’s plot for revenge back fired, big time! She faces felony charges for solicitation of rape and sodomy.

Guess she’s not getting an invite to the housewarming party.

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