Crash Kills 4 in Pasadena

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(Pasadena, TX) From family dinners to Easter egg hunts, folks have all sorts of plans for this holiday weekend. It’s important to remember holidays mean more people on the road, and that can be down-right dangerous.

Four people are dead and three others are in the hospital after an accident on NASA Parkway near Kirby early Saturday morning, in Pasadena.

Police say the man and woman in a black Miata (believed to be in their 20’s) lost control as they were going around a curve when they hit a taxi cab with five people inside.

Fortunately, an officer was nearby when the crash happened and was able to call for backup immediately. That officer described hearing the hit as “an explosion.”

Vince Mitchell, with Pasadena PD, says “the driver and passenger of the Miata were both deceased at the scene, there were two people in the taxi cab that were both deceased at the scene.”

Even more tragic? Police say the group of five in the taxi had enjoyed a few beverages with dinner, so they decided to do the responsible thing, and call a cab instead of getting behind the wheel after drinking. The cab passengers, from Dallas, were supposed to be leaving on a cruise out of Galveston Saturday afternoon.

So please, stay safe this weekend. It’s better to show up late… than not at all.