Skeeters’ Fan Day Creates Buzz for Coming Season

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It may not seem like a spring training atmosphere for the Sugar Land Skeeters with all the games, music and festivities, but it is as the team prepares for Opening Day on April 24.

Skeeters Manager Gary Gaetti says,  “We’ve got a short period of time to get a lot of work in so I’m trying to do a lot of different things at once but man you can’t ask for much better weather. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Skeeters infielder Nick Stavinoha adds,  “So far it’s been fun . We’ve had a good time. A couple of games under our belt to get going and just looking forward to the season.”

Plenty of fans came out to see the newest attraction which is former NBA sensation Tracy McGrady. Fans lined up to get an autograph from the Skeeters’ newest pitcher

Skeeters fan Bob Cook says, “This is the third year I’ve been a season ticket holder and we really love baseball. It’s really good baseball. All the players play for the fun of it. It’s exciting to have somebody of his caliber to be involved in the sport and help promote our team, so I’m real excited about it.

McGrady adds, “This is one of those days where we look forward to introduce ourselves to the fans and interact with them. I mean we do it in the NBA and it’s great to do it out here today. It’s a beautiful day for it we look forward to it.”

After garnering an Atlantic League record of 95 wins last season, one can sense the buzz growing for this season.