Visitors flock to Galveston for annual Chicken Strut

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It’s the second annual Galveston island Chicken Shack Strut. It’s kind of like a garden walk, but instead of beautiful gardens, you get to see beautiful chicken coops.  It’s for a good cause too!

The Kitchen Chick, Alicia Cahill says, “We have people flocking to the island to visit all kinds of different chicken coops that we have. Keeping chickens is permissible within city limits and so we have everything from super elaborate coops to just very simple unsophisticated coops for people to enjoy, so it runs the whole gamete.”

Karla Klay, Executive Director for the Artist Boat says, “It benefits the artist boat project SIT. Which is the Seawall Interpretive Trail and we’re trying to beautify 70 benches on the Seawall with hand painted ceramics and mosaic tile wraps.”

There ya have it, the Chicken Shack Strut. Only in Galveston!