Beards become less attractive as they grow in popularity

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KENSINGTON, AUSTRALIA – A symbol of age, wisdom, power, swagger or just lack of shaving cream sometimes, beards have become a trademark among hipsters all over the world.

Unfortunately, researchers at Australia’s University of New South Wales suggest that the more popular beards become, the less attractive they are.

About 1,500 heterosexual and/or bisexual females and 200 heterosexual males were asked to look at sets of pictures of bearded and clean-shaven men. The results? If a participant was inundated with bearded faces, the preference for baby-faces was greater.

In conclusion, when something is regarded as rare, that means it’s cool, provocative and original. As soon as it becomes trendy among commoners, the excitement is gone. And after a while, the cycle starts all over again.

So hipster dude, if you were about to jump on the bearded bandwagon, think again.

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