Damon volunteer fire chief dies while battling house fire

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DAMON, TX – In a town where everybody knows everybody, one man’s tragedy brings grief to the whole community. Especially when that person is the volunteer fire department chief, who died in the line of duty.

“As a Fire Chief he was very dedicated,” said Martin Vela, Brazoria County Fire Marshal. “His wife was very dedicated to the Damon Fire Department as well.”

Hugh Ferguson collapsed on the scene during the night, when he and his team were battling a house fire in this small town of over 500 residents in Brazoria County.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Kathy Miller, the neighbor who called 911 when the fire started. “But it wasn’t just the fire I was focused on: it was the firefighters.”

Chief Ferguson was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he died. Officials are still waiting for the results of the autopsy to determine what caused his death. Also, it is still unclear what triggered the fire. Abandoned for years, Damon residents believe the house was a hub for criminal activity.

“We had a couple of squatters that were staying there recently, and they got arrested,” explained Tracy Eversole. “Next thing we know the house is on fire.”

Fire Chief Hugh Ferguson will be missed in Damon. He lost his life trying to protect a community that is asking for help:

“We’re kind of forgotten,” said Eversole, “They need to do something already about this town and get all the drugs out of here.”

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