Earth Day passes with little fanfare in Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – Hey Houston, know what day it is? It’s Earth Day! Although, you might not know it looking around. No one we found was picking up trash or planting trees.

A group called ‘Texans Together’ staged an event at Waste Management headquarters downtown calling on the company to clean up toxic waste at a 50-year-old dump site the company says it never owned and isn’t responsible for. But other than that, it was business as usual around town.

In fact it seems like the only folks participating in Earth Day activities are big companies hoping to pat themselves on the back. But then, there could be a reason for that.

“Most people work,” Houstonian Susan Melton pointed out when we found her buying Earth Day plants at Cornelius Nursery. “I work, I’m a nurse, I just happen to be off today.”

Rather than happening the last weekend of the month, or some other, more convenient time, Earth Day is always held April 22nd. Leaving most of us stuck inside pushing paper rather than picking it up.

“I think a weekend would be better,” says Bill Ogrodowicz. “There’d be more people that could get involved.”

The next time Earth Day will land on a weekend will be in 2017. Best we can say is, until then, try not to litter. It may be a while before anyone gets around to picking it up.

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