Many are calling hemp America’s new cash crop

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HOUSTON, TX – Turning green buds into greenbacks, hemp might be America’s new cash crop and many think it’s high time our country reaps its benefits.

For all practical purposes, hemp is pot that doesn’t get you stoned. Used for centuries and by many different cultures for well, just about everything.

But the fact that this kind of pot can’t get you high, has never helped hemp get past the hump that the U.S. government proclaimed all cannabis is bad. You see, hemp got rolled-up in the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which got it blacklisted and then banned by the DEA under the Controlled Substances Act. But that was then and this is now.

With many states changing their stance on marijuana and some even making its recreational use legal, this useful little plant is getting a second look. Because of hemp’s versatility, used in everything from food, oils, soaps, clothing, paper and even fuel, this wonder weed could mean a windfall for our nation’s economy.

The U.S. is the only industrialized nation that still bans hemp. With that said, we’re the biggest user of the stuff in the world but we have to buy it from other countries. Seeing there’s cash to be made from cannabis, many have proposed a plan to lift the ban and start producing hemp here at home, potentially making it our country’s next billion-dollar industry.

Making big cash from the stash. Now that’s a dope plan, to put it bluntly! Money might not grow on trees but the possibilities are good that it can grow pretty well from a plant.

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