FDA to begin regulating e-cigarettes like tobacco

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-  Listen up smokers, the Food and Drug Administration is blowing smoke again in the form of more regulations.

The FDA already regulates cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and roll your own tobacco. Now they’re targeting electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and hookahs. The proposed regulations include banning sales to minors and making manufacturers slap warning labels on their e-nicotine devices.

If you’re unhappy with these proposals, you’re probably one of our nation’s 42 million smokers; because these regulations are minimal and really nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control, the number of teens that e-smoke like a chimney doubled from 2011-2012 (from 4.7% to 10%) and the number of calls to poison centers has risen across the county.

If the FDA really wanted to make a difference they would’ve banned flavoring- since many believe flavor attracts a younger audience.

These proposals won’t be finalized for a couple of months after that you’ll have to be over 18 to puff on your pumpkin e-cig.

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