Fisherman reels in record 13-foot hammerhead shark

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LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA, FL – 21-yr-old fisherman, Ryan Polash, reeled a 13-foot Hammerhead Shark to shore off a beach near Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Polash says he brought it to shore not only to take a picture but cut the fishing line.

“In order to release the fish on the pier, you would end up having to cut the line, and there would be about 15 foot of line tangling, hanging down from the fish, which would get caught on a reef, could end up killing the fish in the long run.”

Polash was left with scratches from rubbing up against the Hammerhead’s rough skin. And of course pictures to prove this was no fish tale!


  • Fishblud

    If a fish is brought out of the water, it is “landed”. If anglers stop the act of releasing a fish to measure it or take a photo, it is not “immediately released.” If a fish isn’t “immediately returned alive and unharmed” (and if the extremely physiologically stressful act of bringing a hammerhead out of the water results in it dying after release, it was not released “unharmed,”) it is harvested. If you drag the shark out of the water and leave it there until it stops moving long enough that you feel safe to approach it, that is not an “immediately released” animal, and it isn’t an animal that is “released unharmed.” Landing and/or harvesting hammerhead sharks in Florida is illegal. This is clear under the law, and has been confirmed by numerous consultations with an FWC Law Enforcement official.

  • Fishblud

    Capture stress will kill the fish "in the long run." Saying you had to bring it ashore to cut the line is a poor way to try to cover the fact that landing the fish is illegal in Florida. Clearly you landed the fish, clearly it was not immediately released, easily seen when the tape measure was clearly brought out in the video and pictures taken. Here you go Florida. A case all packaged nicely for you.

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