Judge oks us army soldier Bradley Manning name change to Chelsea

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LEAVENWORTH, KS — It never seems to end…

Bradley Manning who once was an intelligence anaylst in the military is serving time for one of the largest leaks of classified information ever.

He was convicted for twenty charges, including espionage.

Just when you thought the complicated case couldn`t get any worse, there was a twist the army didn`t see coming.

Mr. Manning is no more… no he`s not dead… he is now a she.

This week, a Kansas Judge granted the name change she`s been waiting a long time for…

Miss Chelsea Manning, who`s currently serving a 35-year sentence at Ft. Leavenworth, isn`t satisfied yet. She`s asking the government to pay for her transgender treatment plan.

but the military isn`t thrilled… gender dysphoria usually disqualifies people from joining the military… long story short… she can`t be dismissed until the prison sentence is served…

It`s going to be a long road and support for her gender venture isn`t going to come easy.

Ms. Manning has filed a complaint since her request for specialized gender counseling and hormone replacement therapy has been ignored.

Hopefully whoever she`s bunking with will be more understanding…

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