Atari graveyard dug up in New Mexico

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ALAMGORDO, NM – After more than 30 years, E.T. finally made it home. Well, at least the video game did.

An archeological dig in New Mexico lead to a very ’80s discovery. Legend has it that Atari dumped a million cartridges of its notoriously horrible E.T. game in a landfill in New Mexico, but it was never proven. Until now.

After hours of digging, excavators found stacks of the cartridges while 200 spectators watched and cheered.

The game was apparently so bad when it was released in 1982, that Atari gave up on sales and decided to bury the evidence it even existed..

Archeologists found thousands of cartridges, plus joysticks and game consoles. Score one for the nerds!

One of the game’s designers even showed up for the dig.