Coffee may reduce risk of diabetes

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HOUSTON, TX – Hey Houston, looking for an excuse to pound another cup of java? Try this on for size: researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health say drinking coffee can lower your risk of developing diabetes.

It’s true.

Turns out that compounds in coffee called lignans help improve glucose metabolism – burning off sugar.

According to researchers, folks who added a cup of coffee to their daily routine lowered their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 11%. And those who reduced their consumption a cup a day increased their risk as much as 17%.

But! there’s a caveat. Only black coffee does the trick. So, you ready to head to Starbucks?

“No. I would not even try to drink black coffee,” Houstonian Esther Rojas laughed when we asked if she’d switch to black for the added health benefits. “I drink warm milk with coffee.”

“Black? That’s even worse,” Eddie Zachery  balked. “I’m sure not going to drink it then.”

How much is too much? As long as it doesn’t give you the jitters, doctors say you’re good to go.