Meet a 92-year-old gym rat granny

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grannyLAWRENCE, KS – 92-yr-old Claudine “Scottie” Lingelbach still goes to the gym three times a week at exactly 3:00pm.

Scottie has always been disciplined.

“I grew up in Topeka, went all through the Topeka School System, then I came to KU. And Pearl Harbor happened when I was a sophomore so I had decided as soon as I graduated I wanted to go into the women’s services.”

Gaining top secret clearance she then worked in the United States Department of Defense for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Not ready to stop her service to her country she decided to become a teacher and still gives lectures today.

“I think everybody should remember what John Kennedy said,  ‘Ask not what your country for you, ask what you can do for your country.”