Woman Booted from Gym for Showing her Baby Bump

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She was given the boot for her baby bump!

Melissa Mantor, 31, says she was asked to leave the Planet Fitness in Charleston, South Carolina because she was showing her pregnant stomach.

Melissa, who’s 18 weeks along, says a staff member approached her while she was on the treadmill and told her that she needed to change her tank top, because she was violating the gym’s dress code.

“She said your belly’s hanging out, and I said of course my belly’s hanging out — I’m obviously pregnant!”

The Planet Fitness Corporate Dress Code does not mention exposed midriffs but does ban “string tank tops” which Melissa was wearing at the time.

Melissa has gone on to cancel her membership. Since then, a representative of Planet Fitness has called her and offered her a free month membership, but she refused.

This isn’t the first time a Planet Fitness has kicked a woman out because of her appearance.

Last month a California woman claimed she was asked to leave her local Planet Fitness because she was “too toned” and “intimidated” the other members.

Then a New Mexico woman is actually suing Planet Fitness after she says they refused to allow her to wear her Muslim head covering while she worked out.

Here’s the irony.

Planet Fitness’s logo is ‘No Gymtimidation’ and markets itself as a “Judgment Free Zone.”

All I have to say is what “planet” are they living on? Clearly that’s not the case.

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