Pet raccoon attacks newborn

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KOUNTZE, TX – A Texas newborn is recovering and his mother faces possible criminal charges, after Kountze police say he was attacked by a pet raccoon.

Officers say the two-week old’s mom, 19-year-old Brittany Darby ran to the volunteer fire department the night of the attack.

Her baby was gushing blood, with cuts across his left eye and head.

Police say the newborn was left inside the home alone when the two pet raccoons attacked.

They plan to charge Darby with abandoning or endangering a child.

For now, the baby was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital and is back in his mother’s custody.

As for the raccoons? They were euthanized at the scene and are being tested for rabies.

Police say they were being housed illegally.


    • c♥♥

      I hope she doesnt get charged! we raised many racoons, no im not saying she was smart by leaving her newborn in the room unattended with them, but i dont think she should be charged! im pretty sure this was a lessoned learned!!