Duke students label “man up” as offensive

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DURHAM, NC – Some students at Duke University are speaking out against words they say are hurtful to others.From the looks of a graffiti-covered wall , nearly all of the words they think are offensive can’t be shown, or said, on TV.

The “You Don’t Say Campaign” on Facebook is the result of two student organizations whose members are highlighting language and words they say are offensive to lesbians, gays, transgenders, minorities and other males and females.

The groups encourage people to use photos of themselves while explaining why they believe certain words are hurtful.

Some Duke students apparently think the term “man up” is also wrong for reasons others may not understand, especially men.

They even have the support of fellow student Mariam Weeks. You may, or may not, know her as Belle Knox who’s using a career in porn as a way to pay her college tuition.

Knox tweeted that she loves the campaign, but she didn’t say which words rubbed her the wrong way.

Somehow, “man up” doesn’t seem like a phrase that would be hard for her to swallow.

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