Malaysia Airlines flight 370 wreckage found?

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ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – Almost two months of searching in the Indian Ocean, still no trace of Malaysia Flight 370. Could the most puzzling search in history be coming to an end?

The U.S. Navy has ended its search from the air, and will now focus their search on the waters of the Indian Ocean for the plane.

A privately-owned, Australian-based company, GeoResonance, claims they have found wreckage of an aircraft in the Bay of Bengal, that’s hundreds of miles north of the Indian Ocean, where crews are searching for flight MH-370.

GeoResonance uses remote sensing technology to find mineral and chemical deposits on land and at sea.

Director of GeoResonance, David Pope says, “The technology we use was originally designed to find nuclear warheads, submarines. Our team in the Ukraine decided we should try and help.”

“We identified chemical elements and materials that make up a Boeing 777,” says Pavel Kursa, also with GeoRenosance.

No matter what these guys think they’ve found, satellite company Inmarsat, firmly believes that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 ended in the Indian Ocean.

Really?! How can anyone be so sure? Conflicting views with no evidence about a tragedy like this, only confuses everyone making matters worse.

Some families and friends have given up on finding their loved ones, but they still want the truth — which also seems to be lost at sea.

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