San Antonio teen arrested after taking assault rifle, handguns to school

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Sometimes knowing what could have happened, is just as scary as what actually does happen.

Like at Madison High School in San Antonio, where a 17-year-old student was taken into custody after some serious weapons were found in his backpack.

It all started Monday morning when the student’s parents reported him as a runaway; oh and they noticed some weapons missing from their house too.

Later, when they got word their son was actually in school, they made their way to campus to talk to him and check his school bag.

The teen had two loaded guns, a 12-inch knife and extra ammo on him and he admitted to stashing an AK-47 in a bathroom garbage can.

And sure enough, the assault rifle was found in the bathroom trash.

Campus was immediately put on lock-down, that lasted about an hour.

It’s still unclear if the teen had planned a mass shooting, but police say he told them he planned on making demands over the intercom system and if they weren’t met, things were gonna get violent.

The teen was taken into custody.

Police say he’ll likely be charged as an adult for a terroristic threat and for possession of guns in a prohibited area.

When will people remember; it’s a school yard, not a battle ground?!

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