Wichita Falls solves water shortage with toilet water

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WICHITA FALLS, TX – We know not to drink the water in Mexico… but what about Wichita Falls?

This North Texas city is thirsty for an answer to their drought problems. But their solution could leave a bad taste in your mouth.

In a city where every drop counts, dwindling water levels are forcing residents to count every drop, monitoring their water levels and cutting down on watering their lawns.

The solution? The city wants to turn sewer water into drinking water. Yuck, right? But, take a look at what they’re drinking now!

“This is actually water from Lake Airhead.” “This is the water we typically treat now, we treat it by conventional means, which means it does not get membrane treatment, this is the waste water sample which we are preparing to utilize.’

Looks tasty, sounds terrible!

But if the city gets their way they’ll run a large black pipe straight from the sewage water supply to the city’s drinking supply. Morphing stinky water to pure in the process.

If you ask us, turning dooty water into clean water, is pretty hard to swallow!

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