Patrick, Dewhurst showdown at the republican primary runoff debate for Lt Governor

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HOUSTON, TX – Political pundits said incumbent David Dewhurst had to come out swinging after his lackluster 28% of the votes in the March primary, compared to 40% from State Senator, Dan Patrick.

And that’s what he did, from his very first words, “I’m David Dewhurst, and I’ve been David Dewhurst ever since I was born.” A low blow at Dan Patrick’s name change a few years back to match the on-air name he used as a radio talk show host and sportscaster.

And Dewhurst kept the hits coming when responding to Patrick’s accusations of him cutting border security funding in last year’s budget. Dewhurst called out, “Total bald face lie. Is your name John Kerry?… You voted for the budget before you voted against the budget.”

Despite the confusion, Dewhurst was certain who his opponent is not, when one of the panelists brought up Dewhurst’s loss in the U.S. Senate race, saying “Dan Patrick is no Ted Cruz.”

When the fight turned to the controversial abortion bill of 2013 and the infamous filibuster that followed, Dewhurst says Patrick wouldn’t have even put the bill on the floor, to which Patrick responded, “The reason I wouldn’t have brought it up is because there wouldn’t have been a filibuster… and we wouldn’t have Wendy Davis as a rock star today and Texas with a target on our back from millionaires on the east coast.”

After the debate, Patrick said it’s time for a change. “After 12 years he wants 4 more years to do what he hasn’t done in 12 years. Well 12 years is enough.”

Dewhurst says, it’s not over til it’s over. “If we continue with this momentum, we’ll win.”

Voters get to decide that when these two take it to ballot box on May 27th. Hold on folks. It’s gonna get dirty.

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