Pearl Hall Elementary students serenade astronauts

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HOUSTON, TX – A concert to space, that’s exactly what these kids from Pearl Hall Elementary in Pasadena did. Part of the “Music in Space” program, the second musical event of its kind.

Hazel Kanton, a Pearl Hall student said, “It’s just a once in a lifetime opportunity sometimes, and no one else can do this.”

“This was pretty awesome because I never had to do this and I really want to do this again,” said Azaeo Gonzalez of Pearl Hall

Call it a concert for the galaxies. Pearl Hall’s music was played live to the International Space Station while in turn Expedition 39 Commander Koichi Wakata did a duet from the ISS with violinist Kenji Williams who was simultaneously in a Johnson Space Center studio.

“I really got chills performing with Koichi, and especially him performing with this ancient, ancient instrument. It’s a 2000-year-old instrument to travel up to the space station and actually has great meaning in the playing of this instrument,” said Director Kenji Williams.

For everyone involved it was certainly a concert that was out of this world.

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