Apple helping law enforcement take a bite out of crime

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Everyone knows these days anything with an Internet connection or cellular signal is traceable or recorded.

Apple may be helping law enforcement take a bite out of crime. They’re giving users a “heads-up” when law enforcement hits up Apple for a customer’s personal information.

“Apple will update its policies so that in most cases when law enforcement requests personal information about a customer, the customer will receive a notification from Apple,” spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said.

Not sure if there’s an app for that yet; but it’s probably called the “oh crap app.” Nobody wants to get that status update!

Apple’s privacy policy is on their website tells everyone how the company may use your personal info. Who really reads all that stuff, and if you didn’t agree with the policy, who can live without their iPhone?

So, before you fill up on games and apps that can pinpoint your location beware, you may be voluntarily sharing more info than you know.

If the Feds want it, chances are, they already have it because you gave it to them! You just didn’t know you did.

In this case, an apple a day might not keep the cops away.

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