Bar garnishes $60 cocktail with burger, brownie, and 5,000 calories

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VANCOUVER, CANADA – Davie Pub in Vancouver, Canada has an outrageous cocktail on the menu. The “Checkmate” has piled on top a roasted whole chicken, burger, pulled pork slider, onion rings, chicken wings, pulled pork mac and cheese, a hotdog and even a brownie.

It’ll cost you $60 and 5,000 calories.

The colossal cocktail has been sold out every day since the pub added it to its menu.

Now if that sounds like a little too much, never fear check out the Double Caesar, a Bloody Mary with a deep fried pickle, a grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings on top.

And of course who could forget “Ain’t No Thang”, a Bloody Mary with hot wings and onion wings on top!

Be sure and order a side of Tums.