New research closer to finding the Fountain of Youth

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CAMBRIDGE, MA – Doctors may have finally found the Fountain of Youth and it’s a lot like vampire therapy.  New research published in the journal Science and Nature Medicine, reveals giving old mice young blood, reversed aging.  The biological key to turning back the clock is a protein called GDF11.

When given to older mice, the powerful protein increased memory, muscle strength, stamina and brain function.   This is the blood flow in hippo-campus of a young mouse.  You can see the difference when compared to the brain of an old mouse.  Now add some “young blood” and here’s how much the old guy’s brain changes. Impressive, but although this works on Mickey and his pals, it hasn’t been tested on humans and won’t be for at least 3 years.  One reason, it could be dangerous. Reviving old stem cells could cause them to multiply uncontrollably and trigger cancer.

So far, this fountain of youth isn’t without risk.