Feds crackdown on synthetic weed in 25 states

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DALLAS, TX – Pushers of fake dope got a taste of reality as federal drug and customs agents made more than 100 arrests in 25 states.

The feds raided homes, warehouses and smoke shops in a nationally coordinated attempt to snuff out the sale and use of the synthetic drugs that go by names like K-2 and Crazy Monkey.

In the past week, nearly 120 people in Dallas and Austin have overdosed on the fake weed that cops now think came from the same Dallas supplier.

The fake stuff is supposed to give a high similar to pot, but it sometimes makes people so sick they end up in the emergency room where doctors have to sedate them.

Drug agents say they are now focusing on a Chinese connection that includes the entire supply chain from manufacturing to sales. They say they’ve tracked hundreds of millions of dollars to terror-friendly countries like Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

So just remember, the next time you light up some fake weed, you may be helping a terrorist somewhere light up a real bomb.

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