French court convicts artist for tying a coq to his penis

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PARIS, FRANCE – This next story is about a coq.

In France, a coq is a rooster, as you may have learned in your French class.

But thanks to one guy, you may not look at a coq the same way again. He’s Steven Cohen, a South African performance artist who has appeared in public as a chandelier, another French word.

Last September, he showed up at the Eiffel Tower in Paris wearing a corset and opera gloves, with a coq tied to his penis.

The gendarmes, which is French for cops, took him to jail, because even in France, you can’t abuse your coq in public.

Cohen, though, claimed it was performance art, something he’s done with chickens since the 1990s. A French court disagreed and found him guilty of sexual exhibitionism.

The moral to this story, with all apologies to Monty Python: you can wrap it up in ribbons or slip it in your sock, but you cannot tie your penis to a live French coq.

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