Video surfaces of teen stowaway jumping from wheel well of plane

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SAN JOSE, CA – Everyone enjoys an adventure, because sometimes you just never know where you might end up. 15-year-old Yahya Abdi in San Jose, California made it through a 5 1/2 hour flight to Hawaii as a stowaway!

Apparently, the high school sophomore jumped a fence and waited about seven hours for the plane to take off.

Then he hopped on and hitched a ride all the way to Maui. But all that traveling went straight to his head — literally.

If you watch the airport surveillance video, you can see him getting out of the wheel well of the Boeing 767. He looks a little dazed and confused.

Being 35,000 feet in the air  in the freezing cold with very little oxygen is obviously a bad idea.

He eventually approaches an airport worker who notified security.

One thing’s for sure, Abdi is definitely a risk taker. He had no idea where the plane was going, but went along for the ride anyway hoping to visit his mother in Somalia. It might help next time if you know where you’re going.

Good news is: his father went to Hawaii and brought him back home.

No word if he’ll face charges for his lost journey.

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