Wedding crashed by older couple having sex on church lawn

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Salt Lake City police had to break up a French lesson on the lawn of a church during a wedding recently.

Police say a guest flagged down a passing cop to complain about a couple involved in a sex act in front of guests and kids.

The 60-year-old cougar who goes by the name of Sandy, refused the cop’s order to let her younger partner, 56-year-old Wilson, stop his special treatment.

The officer had to pry them apart to take them to jail.

Sometimes getting a room doesn’t solve the problem, especially on an airplane.

It seems that a 20-something woman flying with her parents from England to Las Vegas decided to have a quick bathroom break with a man she met on the plane.

Other passengers on the Virgin Atlantic flight heard loud, disturbing noises coming from the loo, and told the flight crew.

Air stewards ended up cuffing the intoxicated woman who fought with them when they tried to make her stop. She got her release from Vegas cops after the plane landed.

Note to travelers: What happens in Vegas only stays in Vegas if you get there before you do it.

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