World’s oldest living man lives in New York City

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NEW YORK, NY – Some things get more valuable with age…like a vintage guitar, a bottle of wine, or an antique car.

Alexander Imich, has valuable memories few people can share like seeing the Wright brothers land an airplane. He was born in 1903! That makes him not only 111-years-old, but also the oldest man in the world living in New York City.

How did this super centenarian live so long?!

“I don’t know how did this happen but, simply, simply does,” Alex says.

Simply amazed, he didn’t even know he was the oldest man in the world. Alex was a scientist and even published a book at age 92 about paranormal activity. He adds, “I wanted to understand the universe and myself in it.”

What a guy! Never too late to start a new project.

Long-time friend of Alex, Trish Corbett says, “I think his great interest in continuous activity in something he loved made a big difference.”

According to Los Angeles-based, Gerontology Research Group, while Alexander Imich may be the oldest man in the world, there are sixty-seven women in the world older than he is. The oldest lady is 116-years-old and lives in Japan. Wonder what their bucket list looks like.

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