It’s craft beer week. A reason to celebrate!

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HOUSTON, TX – Now here’s a reason to party, it’s craft beer week. Bars and micro-breweries are celebrating their craft across the country.

“We really put our heart and soul into every single beer. Every single beer is just a little bit different and it’s very opinionated. It’s not always going to be for everyone, but for the people who love what we do, it’s the most incredible thing you’ve ever had,” according to Rassul Zarinfar, Founder of the Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

At the Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company in Houston, they take their beer seriously; but still like to have some fun.

“We brew really Avant guard stuff,” says Zarinfar. “We brewed with 3 different types of flowers last year. We’ve got a beer out there with cinnamon, raisins and rye in the same beer. We’ve a beer with apricots.”

Brewed in small batches with unique flavors, it’s certain to tap into every beer lovers taste buds.

“I like that they’re smaller, I like the taste of em’, I like the variety. Even in the same type of beer you can get a lot of different flavors. I just like it a lot,” said Ian Lewis, a beer lover

“It goes from the tank to the can, to your hand sometimes within only a couple of hours.” explained Zarinfar

Those who create the beers couldn’t ask for a better job.

“At the end of the day, if I worked for a chemical company or an oil company, you can’t pop open a can of oil and enjoy it, right? So, screw that… right?!” said Zarinfar.

If you haven’t tried a craft beer Texas has a lot to offer, so open up the taps!

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