Mother Nature gets wild during Mother’s Day weekend

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ORRICK, MO – Rain, tornadoes, and snow….oh my! Seems Mother Nature wasn’t too happy during Mother’s Day weekend.

Over in Orrick, Missouri near Kansas City, Mother Nature threw a tantrum with a tornado damaging 80% of the town.

Storm chasers had to pull one woman from her home, where she was trapped in the rubble.

Near Denver, Colorado the weather was wet and wild; so wild that a spring-time snow storm shut down roads for hours.

A driver crashed his pick-up truck into a creek and had to be taken to the hospital.

But it doesn’t stop here; the people in Seward County, Nebraska aren’t “calling it spring,” either. They were slammed with a supercell that also caused rain-wrapped tornadoes with hail almost the size of golf balls. Some homes were flattened like sandcastles on a beach.

Looks like the road to recovery in tornado alley won’t be a yellow brick one.

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