Video claims to show kidnapped Nigerian school girls

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MAIDUGURI, NIGERIA – A new video seems to provide the first look at what may be some of those 276 Nigerian girls kidnapped from their school last month.

Agence France-Presse released a video it said came from Boko Haram. We don’t know when the video was made or if these are the kidnapped girls.

In the video, the terror group’s leader says he will return the girls if the government releases his brothers in harm.

The video shows girls reciting the Koran and making Islamic declarations of faith, which means some of them may have been Christians forced to convert to Islam.

Residents of Chibok, where the government school was located, say the raid was a shopping trip to kidnap girls to be sold into marriage to Boko Haram soldiers for as little as $12.

Last week, amnesty international said the Nigerian government knew about the attack four hours before it happened, but did nothing because it couldn’t find enough troops to respond.

In this country, celebrities and famous people are responding by tweeting pictures of themselves demanding Boko Haram give back the girls.

And now the Nigerian government says it’s considering giving back captured terrorists in exchange for the girls, because thugs who steal children can always be trusted to keep their word.

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