America not in the list of the 10 happiest countries

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HOUSTON, TX – We may have the best music, the best comedians, Hollywood, Disney World and Denver, Colorado, but it looks like the grass is still greener somewhere else. For the fourth consecutive year, the U.S. didn’t make the list of the ten happiest countries in the world.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) measured the level of satisfaction among its 34 member nations as well as Brazil and Russia. We came in 17th place. And who won the happy contest? Switzerland! Off course: give me chocolate, a nice watch and a secret bank account and I’ll be happy too.

Norway, Canada, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, Australia, Finland, Mexico and the Netherlands complete the list. Solid economies, big government spending and egalitarian societies are reportedly the causes for such levels of happiness. Seriously? And what about Mexico? Last we checked, you had to pay a ransom for your happiness down there.

Maybe we’re so worried about making it big in America, that we forgot all the little pleasures you can finance.

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