Former Astros pitcher Brandon Backe to seek another trial

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s been six years since former Astros pitcher Brandon Backe was involved in a wedding party beat-down with Galveston police.

It happened to a group of wedding goers, and Backe was one of ’em.

The post-wedding festivities spilled over to the H2o outdoor bar at the San Luis Hotel on Galveston Island. The group claims they were beaten and pepper-sprayed without justification, and Backe says he suffered career-ending injuries.

That’s what led to a lawsuit against the city of Galveston and 10 police officers.

Now, a federal jury has concluded four of the ten Galveston police officers used excessive force and a total of $48,900 in damages was handed out to each of the injured party peeps.

As for Backe, he was seeking as much as $13 million. The jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on his claims.

So yea, Backe didn’t knock his case out of the park, but it sounds like he’s not walking this one off.

From pitches to punches – he still plans to pursue it.

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