British use so much cocaine, traces of it are found in water supply

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LONDON, ENGLAND – This story is nothing to be sniffed at! Experts are saying cocaine use in Great Britain is so rampant, that traces of the stuff is showing up in their water supply! Looks like Brits are using their spoons for more than just sweetening up their tea, they’re soiling up their water as well.

Drinking water inspections found a metabolized form of the illegal drug in British tap water, even after undergoing purification treatment.

Britain has nearly the highest levels of cocaine use in Western Europe. It’s estimated that around 700,000 Brits are snorting coke up their blow-holes and when the powder eventually gets peed out, its presence makes its way into the water supply.

The good news is that while the trace amount of cocaine was widespread, the British water is still safe to drink. So chin-up you Brits and stay off that blow! Maybe one day, you all can go back to drinking your pee water without all that coke-crap in it!

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