It’s Official: Houston has the worst drivers

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s official: Houston has the rudest drivers in the country.

The roadside assistance company Auto Vantage surveyed drivers across America to determine who’s the worst of the worst. And we’re it, baby.

“The traffic is so bad that everybody’s just pissed off and they have to get to work on time so everybody’s trying to cut everybody off and get to work,” Houston driver Jeana Hornbeck explains.

Houston drivers reported the most grievous offenses on the road in the Bayou City are getting cut-off, slamming on the brakes and talking on the phone while driving. And apparently we’re getting worse. Five years ago, Houston held the number seven spot on the list. This time, number one.

“I’m in the lane and they cut over,” Kevin Boliek complains. “I mean, I had a guy cut over last night from three lanes.”

“When I let people in, they don’t give me the wave,” Erik Perez says. “You know the little courtesy wave when you let people cut in, a lot of people also don’t use their signal lights, that’s another one that’s big.”

The city with the best drivers: Portland, Oregon. But come on, what fun is that? Isn’t driving supposed to be a contact sport?

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