Beyonce’s sister Solange attacks Jay Z in elevator

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solNEW YORK, NY – Can you believe all this drama with Jay Z and Beyonce’s younger sister Solange?!

The surveillance video from TMZ showing the extremely private Carter couple & Solange in an elevator with a body guard all went down after the Met Gala in New York.

Lady B appears cool as a cucumber while her little sis Solange, attacks Jay Z.

Beyonce even got smacked by Solange!

Makes you stop and think; what’s really going on?

Is this our first glimpse into the couple’s royal life that’s not nearly as glamorous behind the scenes? Or was this just a case of the little sis actin’ silly?

Let’s not forget last summer Solange cancelled her tour due to mental health issues linked to bipolar disorder.

Either way, you’ve got to admit it’s kind of cool how Queen B contained herself and didn’t get involved; even though it was all going down right in front of her face.

All this comes at an interesting time when Jay & Bey recently announced their “On the Run” tour.

Only time will tell how this family feud affects things.

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